2D wire panel fence systems

The system of double wire panel fences provides the strongest and the most resistant type of fences.

Therefore, they are suitable for installing where a high level of security is required. Panels are most commonly used for applying security in the industrial and logistics centres, airports, public facilities, warehouses or sports centres and fields. Thanks to their strength and modern protection, this type of fences has extremely long lifetime without further maintenance. The panels are made out of strong and resistant welded wires which are horizontally doubled.

Height/mm: 830 10301230 1430 1630 1830 2030

Width/mm: 2000 2500

Horizontal double wires diameter/mm: 6,0

Vertical wires diameter/mm: 5,0

Mesh size/mm: 192,5x50,4mm

Supporting posts: square pipe 50x50x1,5 mm (ANCHOR PLATE 120x90x5mm)

Protection: Multiple galvanizing /polyester coating >

Colour: Basic green RAL 6005, anthracite gray RAL 7016



830x2000mm = 9,16kg

1030x2000mm = 11,19kg

1230x2000mm = 13,22kg

1430x2000mm = 15,25kg

1630x2000mm = 17,27kg

1830x2000mm = 19,30kg

2030x2000mm = 21,33kg

830x2500mm = 11,42kg

1030x2500mm = 13,95kg

1230x2500mm = 16,48kg

1430x2500mm = 19,00kg

1630x2500mm = 21,53kg

1830x2500mm = 24,06kg

2030x2500mm = 26,58kg


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